Prepaid Funeral Plans in West Yorkshire

Plan for the future with our prepaid funerals in West Yorkshire. The prepaid funeral plans and pre-arranged funerals we provide are designed to ensure our customers are capable of managing the service financially. With offices in South Elmsall and Ackworth, Infinity Funerals guarantees that customers when the plan was taken out, no matter when the funeral takes place.

A Sensible Funeral Option

These plans are a caring and cost-effective way to make funeral arrangements in advance. Prepaid funeral plans allow you to make funeral arrangements and make financial provision for the costs of the inevitable. Indeed, a rising number of people are waking up to the benefits of arranging their own prepaid funeral plan every day. Having a funeral plan that has been paid for in advance gives you peace of mind what your wishes are clearly understood and will be respected, and financial provision is in place.

Setting a Fixed Cost

The benefit of a funeral prepayment plan is that the cost of a funeral is clearly arranged up front. Plans are paid for in instalments, over a number of months or years, ensuring the cost is manageable. Alternatively, the cost of the plan may be paid in whole. Whichever option is chosen, payments are made directly to the FuneralPla nning Trust. When customers contact us via our website, they are eligible to receive a £50 discount on the price of their prepaid funeral plan.

Being Fully Prepared

When the time comes, your funeral of choice will be provided exactly as specified in the plan. The agreed-upon price remains unchanged regardless of how much time has passed when the funeral becomes necessary. The result is a significant reduction in the amount paid for the services of a funeral director when compared to arranging prices at the time of a person's passing. A positive, sensible financial arrangement, prepaid plans secure affordable prices which remain applicable long into the future.


It should be noted that the cost of the funeral plan only guarantees the cost of the funeral director's services. Many plans include a contribution towards disbursements such as crematorium or burial fees. However, such costs fall beyond the control of the funeral director. 

- Simple Cremation Funeral Plans from £2045 - including disbursements 

- Complete Funeral Plans from £3581 - including disbursements

Guidance in the Present

In the event that a loved one has already passed, we offer tremendous, affordable funeral planning services. Additionally, we have listed a range of invaluable support resources for clients who require advice, information, or counselling.

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