Memorable Funeral Services in West Yorkshire

You can depend on Infinity Funerals for tasteful funeral ceremony planning." for tasteful funeral ceremony planning. Helping you through the necessary steps, our team provide gentle, considerate guidance as you plan to commemorate the life of your loved one. 

Arranging the Funeral

Once the death has been registered, it is time to organise the funeral. At Infinity Funerals, our warm staff will sit down with you to discuss any specific requirements you may have. One of the first decisions to have is whether you would prefer the departed to be buried or cremated. Other details, such as the date, time, and location of the ceremony will be considered and arranged.

Performing a Burial

Everyone may be buried in their local churchyard or graveyard, as long as there is space available. A fee is normally applicable for digging a grave. Local authority cemeteries may incur a further charge when you wish to purchase the exclusive right of burial. This ensures that no other burials may occur in that grave without your express permission. The exclusive right of burial is also required in order to place a memorial on the grave in most graveyards.

Choosing Cremation

When you decide that cremation is the preferred service, three forms must be completed prior to commencement. The first form must be completed by the next of kin, while the further two forms must be completed by two separate doctors.

One of these doctors must be the last to have consulted with the departed before they died and must see the body before completing the form. The second doctor must also see the body and complete the necessary form. Each doctor is entitled to a fee. Once this is done, the coroner will issue a certificate of cremation, which is free of charge. A final document will need to be signed by the doctor, who will stand as a medical referee for the cremation itself.

Any certificates should be received up to two days prior to cremation. All fees incurred are typically included within the cost of cremation.

Prepare for the Future

Astute customers may wish to plan and pay for their own funeral arrangements in advance. To accommodate this, we offer a range of attractive prepaid funeral plans

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